Nurture Your Success With Us

Company Overview

Falcon Mind aims to help individuals or organisations grow and nurture their talents with the help of high quality Coaching and Soft Skills training in human capital development and performance management.
Falcon mind is growing to become a Global Provider in People Management Consulting, Work Life Coaching, Business Leadership Coaching, Learning and Development in Soft Skills and Performance Management.
Falcon Mind company’s symbol is a synonym to everything that personifies a Falcon: Success, Victory and Rising above any Situation.


Company Overview

Falcon Mind  was setup in 2016 by a group of certified, experienced and passionate individuals with a successful track record of engaging and implementing performance management, improvement initiatives and finishing school coaching. Its principle officer is a leader in the industry with over 15 years in service management, operations and development.

Falcon Mind offers reliable and high quality leadership training along with Life, Business, Professional Coaching and Soft Skills Training to individual small business owners, managers, entrepreneurs and MNC organisations. We concentrate on both national and international levels of service provided to our clients. Falcon Mind believes in a comprehensive approach and aims to support the client’s needs in achieving the goals that improve bottom line results, thus sustaining a competitive advantage.

Falcon Mind also focuses on being able to maintain a financial balance by charging a moderate value for its services yet delivering higher value returns to its clients.

Falcon Mind is located in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, with plans to collaborate and conduct joint venture programmes with various training and consultancy companies worldwide.