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Leadership Training

Our leadership training course allows individual to discover how to become a leader at their work place and lead by example. This comprehensive course is led by falcon experience consultants.
It focuses on teaching you the skills and strategies to effectively impact profitability, productivity and performance.
Improve your performance by increasing your effective leadership skills and be ready to meet the difficult challenges of the business world with Falcon Mind Sdn Bhd.
This programme is flexible and modular, thus allowing candidates to select one or several modules.
Candidates can further have one-on- one coaching sessions to support their individual learning plans culminating in an agreed Action Plan for future growth.




Soft Skill Training

Big gaps exist between fresh graduates as well as young professionals and the working world. This is a real concern for HR managers and business owners that Falcon Mind aims to bridge.
Studies have shown that 85% of you and your staff success comes from your excellence in soft skills and 15% comes from the hard skills.
There is an outcry for interpersonal skills, initiative, dependability, teamwork, self-management, and other soft skills. Fundamentally, employees who possess soft skills work well with others and display a positive work attitude in a professional work setting.
At Falcon Mind we provide services that we term as bridging the gap of fresh graduates, young professionals and employability. Below are some of the key soft skills we provide: