Nurture Your Success With Us


The benefits of coaching techniques include:

• An increase in individual and team performance
• Increase in organisational performance
• Encourage success
• Have the “Aha” moment
• Change attitudes and boost morale

At Falcon Mind Sdn Bhd, coaching is broken down into: Life Coaching, Business Coaching and Group Coaching.


Life Coaching

The aim of your life coach is to bring out the best in you. Falcon Mind supports and encourages you in your personal and professional growth by guiding you while you define your personal goals, and take the first steps in achieving them.
The coaches at Falcon Mind work with a combination of internationally recognised conversational and written techniques from the fields of NLP, transactional analysis, general psychology to facilitate just that.



Business & Team Coaching

If you want to grow or take on new challenges at work, this is perfect for you. With professional guidance from Falcon Mind you will work on overcoming your limited beliefs and obstacles, and discover qualities you didn't even know you had.
Our coaching will support you in reaching your goals and communicating better at work; strengthening your leadership, management skills, stress reduction, motivation, and so on.
It takes more to do effective team building: Think of jointly formulating goals, making and realising plans and setting performance standards. In good work relationships, people listen to each other, respect each other and value each other's talents and input.
Evaluation is essential: It means that team members are able to give positive as well as negative feedback in an atmosphere of trust and respect. This is how you create the possibility for evolution, by rewarding personal growth with recognition from the group.



Group Coaching

Group Coaching is increasing in popularity for coaches alike. Group Coaching usually brings to together a small group with a similar context. Group coaching focuses mainly on goal setting, deepening awareness around key issues, taking actions and accountability.
In recent years the coaches have expand the boundaries of group coaching designing to an own programs for managers, small business owners those work life issues or working in a team for an organisations.
Key benefits from group coaching is peer learning and good interaction with the coach. “They are less on the spot” moment giving them more time to reflect and integrate their insights and taught. At Falcon Mind we provide group coaching different groups or a team group and is available via online or face to face. Falcon Mind we try to focus on small group the minimum number in a group could be two to six per session. The group coaching is mainly focus on one topic to that all agree on.