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Performance Management Consulting

Falcon Mind Sdn Bhd delivers end-to-end customised solutions to enhance employee productivity and deliver business goals that include: Defining performance metrics, developing goal setting process, and review and feedback mechanisms.

Performance management carries a connotation of employee appraisal systems, compensation, coaching and a myriad of other topics. It includes a focus on the metrics and measurement aspect of the business (the importance of measurement, KPI’s, performance reporting and analysis).


Performance Measurements Tool
Employers measure employee job performance through a variety of tools and processes. These measurement systems, called performance appraisals, must come across as fair and just for employees to consider them credible. Falcon Mind has the expertise to use the following tools for performance management:


360 Degree Feedback
With 360 degree feedback performance appraisals, managers receive anonymous feedback from individuals that they interact frequently with in the course of daily operations. These can include internal and external customers, superiors, direct reports, subordinates, vendors and sales people. Managers often trust these responses because of their confidential nature.


Balanced Scorecard
This approach combines quantifiable information, such as sales quotas and budgetary requirements, with performance standards particular to the position. It utilises key performance indicators, or KPIs, to track how well the employee has reached short- and long- term goals.