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"Identify Problems and adopt the right method of problem solving. Overall very informative ,
made me aware of possible methods of approach to problem solving. I would recommend this
training to organization in the path of human growth that need guidance and the know – how
on how to get their act right.''
– Siva Kumar (Managing Director of Victory Shipping Pte Ltd)

"Trainer provided Sufficient time to complete the training and objectives. A very positive
experience that was very informative. The Activities were good and refreshing for how to think
outside of the box and be creative. A great training program that will benefit others.''
– Shaminda Cooray – Director of Victory Shipping Pte Ltd

"The training made me able to make decisions in more effective manner using specific techniques
and tools. The training was refreshed motivated to use and good understanding from the
– Krisna Kumar (VP of operations of Victory Shipping Pte Ltd)

"The tools use in the training was very helpful. It was a very positive experience in depth of the
problem solving and creative thinking. Trainer is open to receiving feedback and have
discussion. Good ice breaking session and time keeping for each topic and activities were in
place. The time management is good , there were good input and feedback overall.''
– Stephan Muller (Genral Manager of Victory Shipping Pte Ltd

"I found the programed very motivating in particular to the workplace. It helped me improve my
leadership qualities and I found the program was value for money and I would recommend the
programs to anyone who wants to learn how to lead and motivate.''

Datuk R.S Sodhi (R.S Sodhi Advocate & Solicitor )

"Manmeet provided some key soft skills for my SME business in Bangkok. He is honorable and
great topic In Soft skills such as Building high performance teams and Creative thinking courses
was very useful to me and my staff. We are understood how we can work together as a team
and how to think outside the box. The two days session for each training was very good and
every opener. I would recommend the entire program from Falcon mind and Manmeet as
Suvit (KSR Limited )

"The topic was great, there are few learning points that was captured. I like the presentations
and the style how manmeet presented the topic. It was great learning and something I will
recommend d to people.

"Manmeet Presentation connect with us, his stories are connecting to us and real life stories that
allow us to see how the program works. There are all case to case basis, the training and the
solution for training was amazing and good to relate on. If you want to be a leader or build
leaders you should contact Falcon Mind for more you will not regret.
– Jonathan Flextronics

"Manmeet Speak very confidently and from the heart. He touches the subject of leadership with
great enthusiasm. “How I would wish that I report to a leader like Manmeet who is so
passionate about people.
– Bala (Hometrading Solution)

"Have a great tone in order to lead and Manmeet provided that in his training.''

"Ms Praveen is an excellent Math Coach. Not Only are her classes informative; it is also fun and
exciting. I did not realize my child can love Math so much!. Thank you for changing my child
perspective on mathematics after only 5 session.
– Jason Roberts

"Praveen an experience trainer with a wonderful program to improve my kids math results. The
program not only can improve in Math, but also can increase my kids self confidence in their
study life.
– Mike Wong

"Praveen Clearly Stated, gave many practical examples that are convincing. Good program, this
type of program is quite rare so it is important for parents to need this.
“Praveen saved my life !!!” I would like to thank Praveen so much for turning my son upside
down from someone who Scored D in Math and he is now scoring average of 90-100% every
time. Praveen is such a great trainer any of you out there that your kids having problem in
Mathematics I would Strongly Recommend you to get to meet Praveen. I don’t know how she
does it. But after 4 session with Praveen my son’s mathematics improved tremendously . I am
shocked myself but on a very grateful that I found and met Praveen.
– Chia Chia

"Praveen Teaches from her heart! Her passion for teaching math was the main reason why I sign
my daughter up for the personalized math program. And Positive enough my daughter started
improving on her math in 4 sessions. She started applying her mathe skills with us when we go
grocery shopping. This is totally amazing and I will recommend my friends child to Praveen.
– Prof. Avis Ng